Scalp Solutions Kentucky

Over 20 years of experience in the micropigmentation industry. No one in KY even comes close! Renewed confidence can be yours with this hair loss solution!

I now have a head of hair!

Looks very real and Iam very Satisfied with the work that was done !!!!! I would recommend her to anybody, she is a wonderful person and I enjoyed my time with her !!!!

David Hagan

She is great at what she does!

I had a substantial scar from a previous hair transplant. She totally camouflaged the scar line and I no longer feel I have to wear a hat everywhere I go! I highly recommend her and her work.


I highly recommend Theresa Judd.

Not only is she a true expert in her profession but also she is a genuinely caring person. Both her meticulous attention to detail and her warm, friendly personality made each of my sessions with her an exceptional experience. She is an artist of the highest caliber as well as an individual of the finest character. Thank you, Theresa, for making such a profound improvement in my appearance and having such a positive impact on my life.

James Starkey

I have had female alopecia since my late twenties.

Now in my forties, the thinning had become so noticeable, i have been searching for years for alternatives that would help lessen the baldness. I’m thin on my sides and top, so that made things more difficult to cover up. I’ve tried hair transplants that had helped some. I’ve tried hair extensions which left me even more bald. And i’ve tried a plethora of hair products that would either run onto my face when sweating, or gave me so much volume, my scalp was easier to see and my hair looking even more whispy. When i found Theresa, i was a bit skeptical at first as i didn’t know how it would actually turn out. But, i was ready to try anything to make the baldness less visible.

After my first session, the results were already noticeable! I was so happy, i had finally found a solution which could resist water, sweat, and light beating directly at the top of my head. After all was said and done, not even my hair dresser or colorist of four years could tell i had anything done. In fact, both of them thought i had my extensions on!!! ?

I have been quite pleased with the work Theresa has done. Even though i had to travel three hours for my appointments, it was well worth the money and time!! Theresa is very professional and has always made sure to never cut corners! I knew she would do her best to make sure i was happy with my results and she did just that.

… I am grateful to her and this art for finally giving me a solution that beats anything on the market! I have never felt so good about my hair for years. So thank you Theresa!!! You really have made a world of a difference to my self confidence…

Grace Gustilo

I’m a 73 year old female…

with very thinning hair. Teresa did Micropigmentation on my scalp and it looks wonderful. She is very professional and answered all my questions. Love my new look!

Jean Fisher

Theresa Judd is first and foremost a class act!

She is a genuine woman, and just a lovely person to be around.

Now I was very depressed with my balding and receding hairline. I saw SMP and was very excited. But there were so many companies to go and artist to choose from.

The actual procedure did not hurt at all since they don’t go as far as a real tattoo. I was there for about 4 hours mostly because Mrs. Judd is a perfectionist and I didn’t mind the tine at all. Now the only bad thing is you have to go back 2-3 times for a denser look, but again I did not mind at all because Mrs. Judd is just a bright light of sunshine.

Asyn A.