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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Welcome to Scalp Solutions Kentucky. Specializing in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), we proudly serve clients in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio.

Scalp Stippling, also known as Hair Follicle Restoration & Scalp Micropigmentation, is a permanent cosmetics procedure for men & women with hair loss, visible scars from a hair transplant procedure or as an alternative to hair transplants all together. It is also used to give Alopecia sufferers back something that was once theirs, a perfectly quafted look of a full head of hair.

This procedure has gained popularity over the years because of it’s cost effectiveness, minimum down-time and realistic outcome. With this procedure, scalp micropigmentation covers bald areas by imitating hair stubble. It is also fantastic for men and women with a longer hair style but are thinning because it gives the look of thicker/denser hair at the root. Some patients combine scalp stippling with hair transplantation. This creates the appearance of hair density far greater than that possible with the hair transplant procedure alone. This is particularly important in cases when the number of hair follicles available for transplantation is very limited.

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Scalp Micropigmentation For Men

A lot of men start losing their hair pretty early, but most men will notice their hair thinning by the time they hit middle age. This usually means their hairline is receding or they're losing hair from the crown area.

I'm telling you that scalp micropigmentation is the best thing out there right now for guys dealing with hair loss. It doesn't matter why you're losing your hair or what you call it. Now, before you go and think about stuff like hair transplant surgery or hairpieces or powders, just take a second. Do you really want to worry about that transplant all your life or when you'll need another one? And seriously, who wants to mess with gluing, clipping, taping, or shaking stuff on their head? Plus, some of those prescription hair loss pills can mess with your love life. Why hassle with those lengthy hair transplant procedures and hair systems when you can switch to SMP? Men love to be fully involved in all life activities, and that's why SMP is a fantastic option as this gives freedom from all the other headaches, the procedure leaves no scarring, and has a quick recovery time.

Properly done, SMP gives you a more youthful , natural look, and confidence boost.

Get a fresh, modern look without all the headaches you get from those other choices.

Scalp Micropigmentation For Women

Hair is a defining symbol of femininity in cultures across the globe, and it's no surprise that hair loss can be particularly distressing for women. Approximately a quarter of my clients are women facing hair loss, whether it's overall thinning or more severe conditions like alopecia. When women experience hair thinning or loss, they often experience "scalp shine," where the scalp becomes visible through the hair. Micropigmentation can help by creating the illusion of hair follicles, making the scalp less noticeable. Hair loss in women can happen due to various reasons, including menopause, genetics, or a condition called telogen effluvium, often triggered by events like childbirth or emotional stress. Scalp micropigmentation doesn't just create the look of a full head of hair. It can also possibly stimulate new hair growth. The repeated insertions into the skin's dermal layer are known to encourage hair follicles to grow. SMP, is an excellent solution for women experiencing thinning hair at the top and crown of their head. So take charge and regain your beauty and confidence with scalp micro pigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation As A Treatment for Alopecia

At Scalp Solutions Kentucky, we take great pride in helping both men and women with alopecia. Dealing with alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, and traction alopecia can be a real challenge due to near complete hair loss. SMP is the only guaranteed fix for these. If wigs and hair systems provide security and confidence, SMP will infuse you with a new soul and charisma, allowing you to embrace life with unwavering confidence. We treat your entire scalp, even the areas with remaining hair, knowing that your existing hair might fall out in the future. This two-fold approach ensures that your current alopecia symptoms are entirely concealed and provides peace of mind. Even if your patches change shape or position, you're still good to go. It's important to note that achieving your desired look may require up to four SMP sessions, but the results are incredible, and the happiness we see on our clients' faces is truly rewarding. So, restore your confidence with Scalp Solutions Kentucky’s personalized hair loss solution.

Combining Scalp Micropigmentation With A Hair Transplant

Scalp Micropigmentation alone might not be the first choice for everyone. Some people, desire real hair, and SMP can't deliver that. Unfortunately, many of these individuals aren't good candidates for traditional hair transplants because they've lost a significant amount of hair, which limits their donor supply. That's where a combination can be the solution. It’s almost like getting the best of both worlds. The texture that only real hair can give with the illusion of amazing density no matter how much donor hair you have. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This method involves taking a strip of tissue from the back of the head, from which donor hair follicles are extracted. Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE): Here, individual hair grafts are harvested from the donor area by creating small circular punches in the skin. Customers with a substantial amount of real hair may opt to maintain a longer hair length and use SMP as a "filler." This approach can be ideal for individuals who've undergone hair transplants but couldn't attain the desired hair density after the procedure. Explore your personalized hair restoration solution by combining SMP with a Hair Transplant Today.


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Frequently Asked Question

Scalp micropigmentation on its own isn’t for everyone. What some people really want is real hair, and SMP cannot provide that. Unfortunately many of these people make poor hair transplant candidates as they have already lost a lot of hair, and therefore have a sparse donor supply. This is where a combination can provide the answer.

Two Options

For those who have lost a lot of hair already, a hair transplant procedure can be used to add texture to a scalp micropigmentation treatment, provided the hair is kept at a shaved length. This means that whilst SMP provides the illusion of full density, the transplanted hair provides real ‘feel’ and texture, and a 3D effect to the overall appearance.

For customers who still have a significant amount of real hair left, it may be possible for them to keep their hair at a longer length and use SMP as a ‘filler’. This is ideal for hair transplant patients who were unable to achieve the desired density of hair following their procedure. This is especially common behind the hairline and back to the crown, as the distribution of donor hair is often prioritized around the frontal hairline.

Inexperienced providers and their technicians can obviously make a range of different mistakes during a procedure, but there are three serious errors that keep turning up time & time again. The wrong pigments, applied to the scalp, using the wrong needle size at the wrong penetration depth.

The problem is that these companies try to base their version of SMP on a tattooing technique, or a permanent makeup technique. So they buy tattoo ink, then use the same process to apply the pigment to the scalp. This does NOT work. Why? Because these pigments made up of many constituent colors including blue, green & purple. The color will look good at first, but over a three week period your head will start to change color as it softens. Those undertones will start to show and you will end up looking like you have a blue head. Permanent cosmetics colors have a similar problem as they are compiled of your primary colors which are red, yellow & blue. Your scalp procedure will look great at first but over a year or two the weaker colors start to fade leaving the scalp with either a salmon or greenish hue. The other issue is dot size. By depositing the ink too deeply, as almost all inexperienced technicians do, you will end up with huge dots all over your head.

The ink that is used here at Scalp Solutions Nashville will never turn colors. This is because we only use the highest quality, pigments with no constituent colors. No blue no green, no red, no yellow.  Just the highest quality organic carbon based ink! Put to the test by the worlds finest SMP artists and pigment manufacturers.  When you have SMP at Scalp Solutions Nashville, just know you are in the hands of someone who cares about your satisfaction.


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